Half Truths - Claire Contreras

Half Truths

  • Release Date: Oct 21st, 2019
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Available File Format: PDF - ePUB - KINDLE - MOBI - AZW
  • File Size: 2.9 MB
Score: 5
From 60 Ratings


You’ve heard of these groups – the secretive ones that only the crème de la crème are invited into, the ones outsiders speculate about for centuries – I’m the second in my family invited to attend, but to them, I’m fresh meat. New blood. New money, too.
They think they’ll elbow past me, that I’m here for their amusement, for them to walk all over, they’ll find out soon enough that I’m not. 
I may look like one of them, with my designer bags and clothes straight from the Parisian runways, but I’m not. I’m here for answers, to take revenge for blood spilt on their centuries old Persian rugs. 
I transferred here in search for answers about what happened to my older brother, who hightailed out of here, and my friend who seemingly disappeared into thin air. I certainly wasn’t here for the attention of the star hockey player, regardless of how much he willed my eyes his way. I wasn’t here for his scrutiny or his judgment or to read into his mysterious aura. I was here for the society, because only they held the answers I needed. That was, until I found out that in order to get those answers, I needed to go through him. He’s saying if I want in, I have to play by their rules, follow their lead. 
It’s a game I’m willing to play. 
I may be the second person I know of to be invited into their society, but I’ll be the first to make it out intact.

*This is a standalone novel*

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  • Amazing , addicting and HOT !

    By AnnettePopa
    Wow !! This story freaking blew my mind away . I was Enthralled from beginning to end . Romantic suspense has become a favorite for me this year and Claire knocked it out of the park . Addicting is the perfect word for this book . Logan is pure Alpha but the kind you hate and love at the same time . While Amelia ahh I just love her ! Their story is Hot , sexy and everything you won’t expect . Just read it now !!
  • This is one crazy roller coaster ride!

    By Booklover328
    Wow, wow, wow! This book has it all. This maybe my new favorite Contreras book. You really don’t want to miss this one.
  • One of my favorites of 2019

    By Samantha S!
    This is one of my favorite books in 2019. I read it and bought the audio. So so good. I can not wait for more to come in this series.
  • A+ read

    By JDfromGA
    Great read from Claire. The right amount of mystery, suspense and romance. One click today. You won’t be sorry.

    By Dirt Steve
    Half Truths by Claire Contreras is an edge of your seat romantic suspense with a slow burning enemies to lovers feel, with layered secrets that will keep you glued to the pages until the very end! Right from the beginning this secretive mystery had my mind spinning with guesses of who was guilty/innocent the villain/prey, and the firey chemistry that kept pushing and pulling between Amelia and Logan had my heart pounding happily. The ending was very much unpredictable with just the right amount of hold your breath anticipation and shocking satisfaction when all is revealed, with a beautiful romance that survived all the secrets. Although this can be read as a standalone it left a great opening for so much more!!
  • Favorite read of the year!

    By nickelbull08
    Hands down my favorite read of the year. I really wasn’t sure what to expect going in and didn’t know if secret societies were going to do it for me. Talk about a pleasant surprise. It is the perfect amounts of suspense, mystery, and romance. In my opinion this is hands down Claire’s best work to date. If you are on the fence, give it a chance. I’d bet you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Yes To All Of It!!

    By Nuts4cereal
    I have loved every single book this author has put out but........ YES!! ABSOLUTELY....YESSSSSS to Half Truths!!!!!! This book is nothing like what you have seen from her and again, I will say that I love love love her previous books but...whew!!!- This book has a little bit of everything for everyone and it is written and delivered so flawlessly, if you (Claire Contreras) don’t consider it your masterpiece, I certainly do! The new girl at school and the hot jock were just what I needed. Watching them have this insane attraction to one another but denying it was the magic that sucked me in. Add to it the mystery, secrets and twisty turns and I was hooked! (Sexy and romantic times are there too, just in case you had any doubt.) I don’t want to say anything more than I already have because this is the kind of book you go in on-expecting nothing but getting EVERYTHING! I would highly recommend this book and any other book by this author. It was truly amazing and I could definitely go for another dose!
  • Epic!

    By aktorian
    This book kept me glued to it from the first page. There is such a mystery to the story that Mae, Amelia, tries to uncover after transferring to a new university for her senior year of college. Following Mae's journey as she begins life at this new school and tries to find out what happened to Lana Le you won't be able to put the book down as you learn about the secret societies, try to figure out why no one will talk about the disappearance and why some people are always somehow showing up around you even with the campus being so big. There were twists and turns I didn't see coming and things I expected that didn't happen. Who can you trust when you are trying to uncover the truth about a mystery?
  • Twists and turns

    By Millionreads
    This book was a slow start for me. It wasn’t holding my attention. Then all of a sudden I was hooked and I couldn’t put it down. There were lots of twists and turns. Some things I figured out while others surprised me. I loved Logan. He and Amelia had amazing chemistry. I loved the ending.
  • This is not a request

    By Cajncrys
    You’ve been summoned. Do you like it twisty? Do you like it sweet? Or do you go in blind hoping you can figure it out? It doesn’t matter anyway. Drop whatever you are reading or doing and read this book NOW. It’s everything you never knew you wanted. It’s twisty but sweet, suspenseful, thrilling and romantic and is sure to keep you up all night flipping those pages because you just have know what is going to happen! And I hardly ever read NA so this is saying something- like read Logan and Amelia’s story right now.