All of Me - Leeanna Morgan

All of Me

  • Release Date: Mar 28th, 2015
  • Genre: Romance
  • Available File Format: PDF - ePUB - KINDLE - MOBI - AZW
  • File Size: 2 MB
Score: 4.5
From 525 Ratings


Four friends. Twenty-two bridesmaids' dresses.
One random act of kindness that will change their lives forever.

Tess has given up looking for Mr. Right, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on love. When she reads a newspaper article about a young couple who've had everything stolen from their home, including four bridesmaids dresses, she knows she has to help.

But by helping the bride, Tess risks exposing a past she doesn't want anyone to know about. She does everything she can to minimize the danger she's in, but she does the one thing guaranteed to destroy everything - she falls in love with the wrong man.

Logan Allen has spent most of his career reporting on the news from around the world. When a letter arrives from Afghanistan, the trauma he's been living with is about to explode back into his life. He betrayed a small Afghan village and Tess thinks he’s betrayed her.

From their first random act of kindness comes an experience Logan and Tess will never forget. And maybe, if they work together, they can create a future that’s better than anything they've left behind.

'All of Me' is the first book in The Bridesmaids Club series and can be read as a standalone. Each of Leeanna's series are linked so you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in other books. For information about new releases and giveaways, please visit and sign up to my newsletter. Happy reading!

Praise for Leeanna Morgan’s books:

“I am addicted to Leeanna Morgan's books! The only problem with them is that I hate coming to the end of one, and can't wait for the next good read. I love how she weaves the characters together, and draws you right into their lives. If you haven't discovered her, please do give her books a try. You won't be disappointed, except for not having found her sooner!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down. I purchased it today and finished it just now. Captivating story from beginning to end. Definitely a five star book.”

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  • A very good story

    By Maria in IL
    Leanna Morgan has crafted an interesting, thoroughly fun story of two lives that mesh beautifully . I recommend this to anybody who desires a story about kindness and moral people who seek happiness.
  • All of Me

    By penny42058
    All of Me is book one in the Bridesmaids Club series. This is the story about Tess and Logan. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride. It will have you laughing and crying, but most of all smiling. Grab your copy and get ready to fall in love with more of the residents of Bozeman, Montana.
  • Acts of Kindness

    By Pacergal47
    Showing kindness to others has a way of coming back and spreading joy, love & more acts of kindness. Look forward to reading the rest of this series.
  • *Possible Spoilers*

    By katencheyenne
    I’m honestly thoroughly unimpressed with this book. The flow of the writing itself isn’t great but I can typically look past that if the content of the story is worth reading. The timeline of this book was extremely unrealistic and the ending was rushed. The beginning of the romance is dragged out for far too long and then the main character goes from being angry with the guy, to having sex with him for the first time, to being engaged within like 100 pages. It left a lot of questions unanswered and the storyline bounced all over the place. It wasn’t as if the questions unanswered were part of a cliff hanger, either. It seemed more like the author was distracted or rushed and forgot to tie up loose ends. The romance itself is really unimpressive as well. It feels like the author spent an incredible amount of time bouncing around from minor storyline to minor storyline instead of focusing on giving more detail to the main storyline. It’s typically a good thing to include unrelated details and minor storylines so that the reader gets the full picture of the main characters life and personality but in this particular case the minor storylines and unnecessary details ended up taking away from the main story. The characters themselves don’t feel fully rounded either.
  • All of Me

    By SonjaSB
    This is the book for you, if you enjoy mystery, romance, sexy men, and smart women..I have enjoyed every second of reading this. I can highly recommend it. Sonja Stover Bracey
  • All of Me

    By Flowersandbreezes
    All of Me by Leeanna Morgan is an intriguing story about Tess, a model turned cafe owner, and Logan, a reporter who is back from Afghanistan. Tess doesn't trust easily due to her previous life misfortune, as she gets closer to Logan.
  • Good read

    By Brbaskets
    I loved the characters and cannot wait to read the stories of each of their friends. Highly recommend this book.
  • All of Me

    By Diamond of the Rockies
    A great combination of different peoples life's and needs. Wonderful love story. Looking forward to reading the other books about the friends life's and their stories.
  • Wonderful story

    By Possible writer
    This is the kind of story one enjoys. Well developed characters, that you learn more about as the book unfolds. A couple of plots that nicely complement each other. No 'X' rated scenes that detract from the story. Just people you really want to route for and hope everything works out. Can't wait to read more books!
  • All of me

    By Bingomamiac
    Loved it. Can't wait to read the next one.